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Let Us Be the Change (Full Moon Ritual) #BLACKLIVESMATTER

So you're still here.⁠


✨You are my people ✨⁠

People who care about CHANGE ⁠

Who are awakening⁠

Who are taking action⁠

Who want to see a world where we really are ALL equal ⁠


As most of us know, last week on social media, many of us took a much-needed pause from posting so that we could focus on LISTENING.

Some things I've known, hearing disgusting racist stories from my black friends, roommates, co-workers, classmates etc.

Much I didn't know though, about the true nature of the system, mass incarcerations, subliminal and blatant white supremacy.

I also examined my own privilege, accepting that even as a "Hispanic minority", I've still benefitted from privilege my whole life.

What did you learn last week?⁠

Were you're eyes opened to something you never thought about? Heard? Seen?⁠

Was your heart broken from hearing shattering stories of how black people are treated in this world?⁠

Did you recognize within yourself privilege from having lighter skin?⁠

Did you lose some friends? Followers? ⁠

Did you see the true colors of the people you were surrounding yourself with?⁠


We're on the same page, it's a start.⁠

I'm not going to sit here and tell you what you need to do.⁠

You already know what you need to do⁠

Now, 10 years from now, and forever.⁠

So proclaim it, commit yourself and do it.⁠

Be that rebel with a cause because it is the RIGHT thing to do.⁠

Be open to change.⁠

Be open to truth.⁠

Stand up for what is right, every single time.⁠

Below are two pieces I've dedicated to this movement

  1. The following episode from my podcast The Mindfully Lifted Project

2. 🌕 A Full Moon Ritual for Change Within 🌕

By: @kamelaceleste

Set up your space, light a white candle & /or burn sage and begin by journaling or proclaiming out loud the following:

By the light of this full moon and by this burning sage I cleanse these thoughts from my being and consciously choose to:

(Choose whichever statements deep down you know to be true, do not judge or shame yourself for them so you may truly release them)

  • *Let go of my privilege - let go of the blindness to privilege and racial injustices in general

  • Let go of my implicit bias (attitudes & stereotypes towards black people) that have been embedded by society unconsciously and now consciously within me.

  • Let go of “how things were”, of a system and government, that has not truly benefited black people or people of color.

  • Let go of accepting racism as, “that’s just how it is”

  • Let go of failing to realize white supremacist thinking consciously or unconsciously

  • Let go of not acting, staying silent and/ or turning away when I witness racism and injustices

(Add any other behavior or thinking I don’t have listed here that you’d personally like to let go of. Be honest with yourself.)

End with: I wish for the world to be cleansed of this conduct and cycle.

I release all these thought patterns & behaviors that have not contributed to a just world for black lives and people of color.

From the depth of my soul, I forgive myself for harboring these patterns and I choose from this day to actively continue doing this work within to help eradicate systemic racism and inequality.

Close with an OM, a meditation of silence to just be with these powerful words and take them in, and or by saying or writing the names of the black men and women who have had their lives taken from them unjustly. Seal by blowing out your candle.

Do not waste too much time shaming yourself sweet soul. I believe if you are still here with me right now you really do want to do better.

So let’s do that, and continue to do that now, a year from now, 10 years from now, and always.

Continue being open to truly hearing black voices and working towards change within our society.

On top of signing petitions, donating, and voting... let’s also address this within ourselves so we can see a world where, without question, #BlackLivesMatter to all.

Share and credit if this resonates with you.

And let me know if you try it out!

All my love,





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