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The Origin Series

 Uncover your Gut Health Origin | 4 - 60 Minute Calls  

Are you experiencing digestive issues, chronic sleeplessness, low energy and brain fog?

Could childhood patterns and poor gut health be impacting your wellbeing today?

During these four "Origin" calls you will gain valuable insight as we unpack your Health Origin:

  •  You'll learn how experiences from your childhood & adolescence may still have an impact on your health today

  •  We'll explore your current eating habits and game plan how to restore your gut health that fits your unique lifestyle & body

  •  You'll have a full understanding of what is contributing to your digestive issues, sleep debt, brain fog, and low energy and you'll be equipped with what to remove, replace & repair to begin healing.


Together we will connect all the dots starting at the origin of your health in order to ignite deep healing, giving you a holistic birds-eye view of how to get back to complete wellbeing. 

This series consists of 4 one-on-one 60-minute video calls, including email/ text access to me throughout the 4 weeks of working together. After each session, you will also receive a summary copy for you to keep and refer back to as you move through your journey.


Sessions are offered virtually wherever you are, in the privacy of your own home 💻.


Series Cost: $499 for the 4 Weeks ( Payment plan available as well)

To purchase click the link below 

Hi, I'm Kamela and I've been helping humans with their health & wellness for the past 9 years. Through each coaching session, I help my clients address how their origin wounds show up and give insight into possible root causes of their ailments to unblock their path to vibrant well-being.

You can learn more about my background here.

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