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Holistic nutrition and movement coaching for stress relief

Say  goodbye to burnout, overwhelm, & exhaustion 

for better mind | body| & spirit wellbeing


Hi, I'm Kamela, Holistic Nutrition & Movement Coach.

I help millennials like you reduce stress and anxiety holistically through:

-helping you release stored tension in your body that can cause aches & pains

- refining your sleep & eating habits for less bloating, brain fog, and exhaustion

- equipping you with mindfulness tools for better emotional resilience 

It is time to show up exactly how you want -

Vibrant, energized, and with more balance and ease in your life

Entrusting a holistic coaching approach (mind, body & spirit) VS traditional black and white health and fitness advice, allows you a complete picture perspective and provides you with the right guidance & support to nourish and care for yourself as a whole human.

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Work with Me

Heal Your Digestion
~ Radiant Gut ~

Constant bloating? Stress? Brain Fog? Gain valuable insight during these four calls as we unpack your health origin- getting to the root of what could be impacting your wellbeing today

Stress & Anxiety Relief
~Mind-Body Alchemy ~

Need a complete reset? 

 Uncover what foods, movement, & rituals  best support your mental  & physical wellbeing  in order to heal / manage chronic stress,  inflammation, & digestive issues  via this whole human overhaul

Strength & Mobility Training
~ Move with Ease ~

Chronic aches and fatigue? Get the accountability and guidance needed to align your body, reduce achiness, increase your strength & mobility via my 6 week 1:1 program 

I specialize in working with clients:

- Looking to improve gut health, sleep  & lower stress and inflammation (aka reducing the bloat, aches, and pains that come along with it) through refining the old and exploring new habits 

- Those looking to support their mental wellbeing through holistic nourishment (including those cleared with a history of disordered eating, mild anxiety, and depression.)

- Looking for body confidence (Whether that is via sustainable weight loss, weight gain/ muscle gain, increasing your flexibility/ mobility, or just simply feeling radiant accepting your naked self)

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Health coaching encompasses a unique blend  from each of your favorite wellness professionals

You're in good hands - Credentials

Reformer Pilates Instructor




Integrative Nutrition
Health Coach

Pure Barre Instructor Training

Assisted Stretching Certificate                    Herbalist Certification in progress

The Mindfully Lifted Podcast

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Yellow Portraits Teacher Education How T

The Mindfully Lifted Project is a community and audio program for holistic-minded humans. Dedicated to exploring Wellness, Philosophy, Spirituality, Personal Development and more.

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