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Full Body Mobility

Stuck at home during quarantine and starting to feel achy and stiff?

Being at home, in a small space every day I find myself SITTING literally everywhere.

On my bed, on the couch, on the floor, at my home desk 😖

I can’t be the only one feeling like I need to foam roll for 3 days straight to start feeling agile again…

SO just as much for me as they are for you

Here are 6 mobility moves to stretch out those parts of your body that when seated for too long, can start feeling super achy (like your hamstrings (back of your legs) and thoracic spine ( middle of your back))

Comment a 💛 if you found this helpful and share with a friend to help spread the mobility love!

Video 1

Stationary Lateral Lunges

15-30 Reps total

Key Execution Tips:

  • Focus on staying relatively low while switching sides, but work within your range of depth ( if you can't go down in your lunge super low, no worries, don't force anything)

  • Press the ground away from you through the bottoms of your feet as you simultaneously switch sides

  • Bring your balance to the back of your foot (more towards your heels) to help you maintain balance

  • Keep your knee facing in the same direction as your big toe as you go through this movement

Wide Stance Forward Folds with Arm Reaches

6-10 Opens on each side

  • If you can’t touch the floor or your low back is tender in this position bring the floor up to you! By using a single yoga block, chair, etc.

  • Keep your weight in your heels for balance

  • Press your hips and tailbone back as you twist

  • Open up your chest fully and always look the direction you are twisting in

Shin Boxes

  • 10-15 total

  • Keep one bum cheek and your feet touching the ground the entire time, even as you switch

  • Keep your weight centered over the shin in front of you

  • Elongate your spine throughout this movement (think sitting up nice and tall!)

Video 2

Wide Stance Shoulder Dips

10-15 Switches Total

  • Keeping both hands connected with the tops or inner portion of your thighs

  • Lead with one shoulder, pressing the palm of the leading shoulder into your thigh to open up your hips

  • Always looking the same way you are twisting

  • Work within your range, don't force anything here

  • Weight should be placed primarily in your heels for balance

  • Place your bottom against a wall for more support while you perform this one if needed

Single-Leg Hamstring Stretch with Floor Reach

10-15 on Each Side

  • Start nice and slow with this one, weight in the standing heel, hinging and initiating the movement by pressing your waist and tailbone back at the same time ( like an RDL)

  • Careful not to ramp up your momentum with this dynamic stretch until you feel super comfortable with the movement

  • The opposite floating leg doesn’t need to kick up super high, it can also stay lightly touching the ground staggered from the front leg if you need a little more balance support

  • No worries if you can’t touch the ground with the arm reaches, bring the floor up to you by using two yoga blocks or two chairs

Yogi Squat with Twisting Arm Reaches

10-15 reaches each side

Find your yogi squat stance by taking a slightly wider stance than shoulder-width

Drop down to your lowest point by bringing your bottom towards the ground

If this position is hard on your knees, turn around with your back to the wall, keeping your bottom pressing into the wall for support the whole time while sliding down to your lowest point and perform the exercise from there

If this is challenging enough you do not need to perform the twists, hang out at your lowest point for 3-5 seconds and stand back up. Repeat 10-15X

*Challenge* Just for funsies and totally optional- Namastay Hands behind your back ( or just simply clasping your hands together behind your back!)

Stay healthy and mobile humans!




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