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No-Bake Cacao Power Bites

Do you ever just need a little pick-me-up, a quick bite of something to make it through that 2 pm slump?

Me too! While craving a sweet treat come late afternoon isn't necessarily what our bodies might be trying to communicate with us yawn after yawn - Actually, surprisingly enough, oftentimes excessive yawning mid-afternoon might really be something other than hunger ie. needing more water, needing a better nights sleep, needing some movement after being stuck at a desk for too long, or a quick break from staring at the same computer screen for hours ( our brains constantly crave new stimulus), etc.

After considering all of that, if you find yourself still experiencing a full-on snack attack, give these power bites a try! Not only are they a sweet treat to satisfy a craving, but they are packed with tons of good for you ingredients (hints their name Power Bites). With things like Cacao Nibs high in antioxidants helpful for relieving oxidative stress and inflammation, Maca Powder to help boost your mood, energy & endurance, and Flaxseed another antioxidant-rich nutrient filled with B vitamins and fiber - These bites are the perfect way to support your mind and body as you power through the rest of your day!

What you Will Need:


  • Cacao Nibs - 1 Cup

  • Ground Flaxseeds - 1 & 1/2 Cups

  • Maca Powder - 1/2 Cups

  • Nut Butter of Choice - 1 Cup ( I'm using crunchy almond butter here)

  • Honey - 1/3 Cups

  • Agave - 3 TBSP (add more if you prefer a sweeter bite)

  • Milk of Choice 1/4 Cup (add more if needed)

  • Medium Sized Mixing Bowl

  • Mixing Spoon


  1. Dump all your ingredients into your mixing bowl and stir them together thoroughly

  2. When the batter reaches a thick dough-like consistency spoon out 1-2TBSP sized portions and hand roll together to create little balls

  3. Place on a plate, as evenly spaced out as you can get them then place the balls in the refrigerator a minimum of 30 minutes before enjoying!

Now that you've made yourself a go-to, good for you snack, rest easy knowing you are prepared for nourishing your brain and body next time you reach for an afternoon treat.

Let me know if you try this recipe out- DM your pictures of your own creation to me on Instagram @kamelaceleste or leave me a comment below 😃



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