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Understanding Cravings, Sex & Other Self Destructive Habits

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

Last time we talked about tips for more mindful eating in a graphic post and today we're going to explore the possible “why” behind what causes us to have those cravings and turn to things like food, sex, and self-destructive habits when we are lacking in other areas of our lives.⁠⠀


This video is meant to offer you a perspective - not tell you what to think but hopefully, help with how to think and how to have that deeply honest conversation with yourself so you can approach and get to the root of your own unique situation surrounding this topic.⁠⠀


Please leave any questions on this, or relating to holistic health below - I'd love to answer those.⁠⠀


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"Thinking about basic human needs,

what humans require to feel safe

- Water

- Shelter

- Food

- Love

- Warmth/ touch

These are the necessities we are first introduced to as infants, and what we continue to require and crave satisfaction in throughout our lives.

When these become out of balance, thrown off, that is when we start acting from a place of scarcity. We start searching for satisfaction of these needs, oftentimes via the body.

When our lives lack love/warmth

We can start seeking out interactions/ relationships etc. not meant for us

We can turn to sex when we’re really just touch starved

Alcohol or drugs to numb, attempting to fill that void

And food.

Interestingly enough, The same part of the brain that responds/ lights up when we have sex is the same part of the brain that responds to addictive foods like chocolate, ice cream etc.

Why? We use a lot of the same senses for both sight, taste, touch, smell etc. But there is this fun chemical that is released in the brain when both consuming “feel good foods” and having sex- Dopamine or the reward center in the brain.

So even turning to food or sex can be more complex when we’re talking about deciphering needs.

So when realizing this, when taking a second to be more mindful of these situations -the solution to the lack of these needs ultimately cannot be found in these quick fixes/ hits/ external/ material forms

They can only be understood first by having the self-awareness to unpack what it truly is you need and want in your life."



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