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You can only pursue ONE of your gifts in life?!

I used to believe this.

Even our society today basically sets us up to believe this.

But we are more than just ONE of our gifts.

We are multidimensional beings With multiple skills, talents, wants and needs.

We are not just the one thing that the “public” sees us as.

I polled you guys the other day on my story asking what do you know me as, and the majority of you said 👉🏼Trainer/ Fitness Instructor I love that, and I don’t.

I am not just a personal trainer I’m not just a marketing professional I’m not just a writer Or yogi Or dancer Or podcast host Or an artist I’m all of those things. And more.

While some of these may only be hobbies, I am not “just” anything.

YOU are not “JUST” anything.

You have so many skills and gifts that need your attention

Because they feed your soul

Because they light you up inside

Don’t forget about them.

Make time for all that you are sweet human.

You are the star of your own life




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