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Creating a Healthier Work Day: Ep. 2 Quarantine Desk Stretches

Ep. 2 Quarantine Work Day Stretches

Hi ya work from home humans! 👩🏻‍💻

It’s Monday! As many of us get to spend more time at home these days - Working from the comfort of our home office spaces, beds or on the couch without getting up but to grab a quarantine snack is probably easier than ever!

While this makes for a wonderful commute and excellent office culture (*no pants club amiright?!), it isn’t necessarily wonderful for our posture/ our spines. 🤓Lack of movement in the spine and in general can largely contribute to feeling lethargic, stiff, unmotivated and actually decrease our cognitive abilities (aka the brainpower to be productive and get some great work accomplished). So in an effort to stay on top of our work from home A game and keep up with our health during these confined times- here are NINE workday stretches you can do at your house/ any office space🤗

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(Disclaimer: Please do not perform any of these movements if you begin to feel pain. Pain, being different from the average discomfort you experience while stretching. These movements are not meant to treat or diagnose and should strictly be used at your own risk.)



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