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Is going Gluten Free right for you?

Updated: Feb 22, 2021

First and foremost, I feel it's important to state as a holistic health coach, I personally do not subscribe to any "diet" or "diet culture" and do not/ will not ever push any one style of eating on my clients because in all honesty- there is not one single diet that will work for every single human.⠀

Even what one considers a "healthy" food choice can wreak havoc on another persons body, and here's what I mean by that:⠀

We are all incredibly unique, thinking about how no two sets of fingerprints are the same (I mean unless you have an identical twin, but I digress) as is how each and every body processes, digests, and responds to food differently.⠀

So while there is no one magic diet that can be applied to the masses, it is that much more important to examine how our unique bodies respond to foods.⠀

Our bodies have so many ways of talking to us, we just need to learn the language. That is what I hope to help you do as you swipe through the above info about gluten, which is to equip you with the knowledge on how to better listen to your body & what it wants/ doesn't want.⠀

Today I do follow a mostly gluten-free style of eating (like 99.5% of the time) Because when I first made the connection that gluten was part of the root of many health problems in my life (contributing to my depression, inflammation, bloating, brain fog, anxiety, were repeatedly my symptoms after consuming it) & I had no idea all I needed to do was explore how my body felt without it (hint: It felt really fking GOOD)⠀

I hope this information offers you a deeper incite and at the very least encourages you to examine how your body responds to what you consume - Your health and wellbeing could quite literally depend on it.⠀

And if this is something that is all overwhelming to you, yet you want to learn how to listen to your body, how to eat for your mental health, and feel fking GOOD from the food you eat & in your own skin- reach out to work with me. I'm accepting clients for my Self Love Beyond Measure 1:1 coaching program where I teach you exactly how to eat and what wellness rituals best support your unique mental, physical & spiritual


Until next time,





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