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Mid-Day Mindfulness at Your Desk

It's the middle of your workday, you've been sitting at your desk slumped over avoiding your to-do list that's a mile long, wondering how in the world is it only 12pm...

I've so been there so many times; bombarded with emails to get through, staring at the clock counting down the minutes to 5 pm, feeling like my brain and body were on auto-pilot once upon a time when I worked a corporate job. Something that really helped me get through some tough days was setting reminders to take short little breaks throughout my workday like this to keep me cognitively sharp and my stress at a manageable level.

So I invite you to take this 1 Minute to de-stress right at your desk utilizing breathwork and seated stretching for a calm rest of the day.

If you find this video helpful send me a DM on Instagram because I'd love to hear from you. And if you want to see more like it, be sure and subscribe to my YouTube channel for weekly mindfulness and healthy living content.

For my full workday stretch routine visit my Instagram below, and give it a watch!

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