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More Mindful Eating

Ever find yourself snacking mindlessly, reaching for the chips or candy when you’re not really even that hungry?⁠⠀

How about always eating while working at your desk, watching TV, or doing something else?⁠⠀


If you’re sitting there feeling personally attacked by either of those statements 😅 breathe.⁠⠀

I myself have been found so guilty of the above, which is where my heart is sharing these tips to consider.⁠⠀


There are always delicate, life-affirming reasons why we turn to food when we’re not hungry, and uncovering why we actually do it starts by approaching our eating with a little more mindfulness.⁠⠀


So as I do with my clients, I encourage you to examine without judgment towards yourself next time you find yourself zoning out when eating and maybe pull up these points as a self-check.⁠⠀


And lastly, some food-for-thought to take with you: ⁠⠀

🌱Approach each meal with love and with the knowledge that food is meant to give you the nourishment you need to be fully you. ⁠⠀

🌱Compulsive eating is a symptom, not the problem/ root.⁠⠀

🌱Until we examine what we really need/want, we may mistake indulgence (in what we think we want) for what we actually need/ want.⁠⠀

🌱We eat the way we live; how we eat is also how we spend money, time, love, and energetic resources.⁠⠀


More on the latter two concepts in another post.⁠⠀


I hope it helps beautiful humans.⁠⠀







[Source: IIN, Roth, G. (2003). Breaking free from emotional eating. New York, NY: Plume]⁠⠀



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