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Quickie: Superfood Blueberry Matcha Oats

A bowl to help you power through your morning filled with brain foods, protein, fiber, hormone support & energy?

Sign me up! 🙋🏻‍♀️


🥣 Steel Cut Oats (cook stovetop or slow cooker according to the package)

🥣 Blueberries

🥣Morning Mocha Mix by @cocokind (or Maca powder works too)

🥣 Chia seeds

🥣 Matcha

🥣 Cocoa Nibs

🥣To sweeten: Brown sugar or maple syrup

🥣 Optional to top with milk of choice (I’m using oat milk! On my oats... let’s make this a thing? 😚)


Hi, I'm Kamela! Former high school volleyball athlete, ballerina, anorexia warrior, Holistic Health Coach, and Personal Trainer. I've been helping millennials just like you with their well-being for the past 7 years. Reach out to work with me and for even more free helpful content let's be insta friends :)

See ya soon!



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