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The #1 thing to improve your gut health, mental wellbeing, and lower inflammation

Updated: Nov 6, 2023

Maybe you’re tired of bloating after every meal, wanting to relieve chronic joint aches and pains, regulate your mood, or just overall start feeling healthier- the simple practice of good sleep hygiene can elevate your life on a holistic level in a relatively short amount of time.

While getting quality sleep isn't the only thing needed to bring the body back into balance, (stick around for more tips!) focusing on too many changes at once / trying to do a 180 with your routines and regimens can be incredibly overwhelming and ultimately unsustainable 🥲. Which is why sleep is the number 1 thing I recommend you focus on when first looking to improve these symptoms.

And while getting quality sleep won’t cure everything in your life (like why you keep spending $80 at Target when you just needed oat milk 😅) let’s look at the science backed ways getting deep sleep can help you bring your gut back into balance, decrease inflammation, improve your mood and elevate your health from a certified health coach:

Sleep helps our bodies cleanse and regulates our systems.

There are many many processes that take place as our body is resting, such as emotional regulation, removing toxins we’ve accumulated in our brains from the day, gut regulation (which we know is also directly linked to mental health through the gut brain axis), and it also keeps inflammation in check. Without enough sleep or even too much of it, that’s when hormones can start getting thrown off, along with many other processes in the body, encouraging homeostatic imbalance and inflammation. Research has actually shown that as little as one night of poor sleep is enough to turn on proinflammatory responses 😳(which can contribute to poor gut health, mental wellbeing and increased chronic pain).

Stick around for ways to actually prepare yourself for a deeply restful nights sleep, and for some ideas on what good sleep hygiene might look like head to the link in my bio for my video on An Evening Routine for a Better Nights Sleep ☺️





Hi, I'm Kamela! Former high school volleyball athlete, ballerina, anorexia warrior, Holistic Nutrition, and Movement Coach. I've been helping millennials just like you with their well-being for the past 7 years. Reach out to work with me and for even more free helpful content let's be insta friends :)

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