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15 Min Full Body + Dance Cardio Workout

Variations for all fitness levels 🎵

What you’ll need:

• 3 moderate/ fast-paced songs (my theme here is hip hop & Latin but you choose whatever makes you wanna move!)

• 1 slow / cool down song

• A towel, water, click the save button & let's get it 💦

➡️ Perform each movement (4-5 movements each song) for 15-30 reps each (depending on your level of fitness, Repeat the moves if you still have music left)

➡️ The cooldown is probably my favorite part of this video because it can be performed on its own just as a middle of the day stretch or for any workout cool down really

Drop a 😍 below if your excited for this one & Check my Instagram stories for what helpful content I have coming up for you guys the rest of this week




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